zondag 25 december 2016

Christmas morning loving

pretty views during my Christmas morning run

Hi guys,

It's all about the balance! Before a great Christmas lunch with family yesterday I went for a short but rather spicy run. I was at my parents' house and thought it would be a great idea to go for a run I often did when I was still living back home. However, like I said: it was TOUGH!

Maybe it was because I had to run against some serious wind, maybe some other reason... Who knows. All I know is that I managed to finish my planned tour of 7k. Funny detail: at some point I was so dead, that when a police car passed by, I seriously considered to ask them to drop me off back home. Anyway, I didn't and after my run I was at least 100% ready for Christmas lunch!

Of course, we had a ton of food: small shrimp croquettes, oysters, scallops, deer, oven baked apples with cranberries, red wine pears... - all oh so classic, but oh so GOOD!

How did you spend Christmas? Tell me!


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