maandag 11 juli 2016

I smell something fishy

Summer vibes make me crave fresh and healthy - but still very yummy - food. So that's why I'm all into fish at the moment: Thai mussels, oven baked fish filled with herbs or... this (improvised) apΓ©ro plate! We've been hosting our fair share of dinner parties lately, which is the perfect occasion to try something fishy. I really prefer serving some fishy friends over meat, since they don't lie that heavy on the stomach (at least if you don't drench your dish in creamy sauces and serve it with fries). I also feel as if fish lends itself better to serving Asian inspired dishes, which are favorite at the moment.
Tall Ships Races 2016

When we came back home on Sunday from the Tall Ships Races I had no choice but make some food - which is obviously the best thing in the world to do on a Sunday afternoon (or on any other day of the week). So I had a look in the fridge and decided to make an apΓ©ro plate with some of the remaining food  fish we still had. 

There's no real recipe here - besides using really good ingredients. I sliced a raw scallop and alternated it with some avocado, then drizzled some olive oil + lemon juice on top. I'm also a really sucker for sprat, especially when combined on some toast with mashed avocado, a sprinkle of lime zest, a touch of cilantro, sea salt and of course a hint of olive oil. And then: the best thing this season has to offer. Herring! Just keep it simpe - herring, some onion, drizzle of lemon juice. Tada, you're done! Easy peasy, 5 minutes of work to create a summer inspired apΓ©ro.

How do you feel about fish versus meat? And does summer also inspire you to go for more fishy dishes? Let me know!


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